Mizner Court Expansion Joints Explained

As-Built Drawings – Garage/2nd Landing Expansion Joints Schematics 

As-Built 2nd Landing

Photo Explanation Understanding the 2nd Level

Notice the drainage pipes have been closed off.

When water has no place to find drainage, Water finds other ways to drain out.
It Drains out into the garage below 


Shrubs and trees planted on too of expansion joints.

why does it matter?
Trees and shrubs have roots that grow . Those roots grow down and as they grow the push their way into the expansion joints

I personally find it interesting that looking at the 45 stack there are 2 drainage pipes closed off. Meaning water had no place to go. It just sat there looking for a way out.

Five years ago an engineer and an owners representative where hired to evaluate and write engineering specification for re surface the pool deck.

One would imagine an engineer  would have taken notice of the original design while evaluating that just below this area in the garage which to no surprise are among the worst water intrusion into the garage.

$500,000 or $2,500 per unit owner was flushed down the toilet on the pool deck, spa level and 2nd level resurfacing.
Basically they spent $2,500 of every one’s money putting lipstick on a pig and it didn’t last 5 years.

Full disclosure in my opinion not only did the board waste money it also used an engineering firm and owners rep that caused an additional million dollars of damage ($5,000 cost per unit owner).

How ? They failed to identify rusting rebars, concrete expansion seemingly caused by water intrusion.

The Above are the opinions of Bruce Diller Verstandig